Yogonchelo – Paula & Mariana

Hemos sido entrevistadas por Casall y os compartimos algunas reflexiones sobres nuestras sesiones de Yogonchelo.

We where both trapped souls in a world full of shoulds and few wants. Luckily enough we started asking ourselves what we thought where the right questions and led us to start our process of consciousness, which we like to call Awakening. We both started very soon with what is know the essence that drives our purpose. Paula lives by the quote “if there where no music life would have no sense”. She studied in the conservatory for 10 years, and now performs with her cello in variety of events. Mariana lives by the quote “move because you can, if you don’t tomorrow you might not be able to” she enjoys the practice of a big amount of disciplines and sports. Since very soon she figured out that movement in all shades was key in life and focused in Yoga for its holistic approach.

—What drives you?
Awakening. Many of us are still asleep, letting the flow of the stablished rules overwhelm us and shade us. We believe in the power of music and movement to awaken and live as we want.

—What’s next in training?
It is here, the holistic training has become the one and only way to perform our best in life, looking for our own happiness. Its all in side us and if we manage to connect the dots we will be forever better.

—What makes you happy?
Feeling alive, feeling well, feeling true.. Nature sounds, music and movement.

—How do you create balance in your life?
This is one of the most challenging path, there is no right answer, everyone of us has to fight to find their own balance, it is as challenging as it is beautiful. This is why through music and movement we encourage the awakening of your true essence and the strength to empower it and this is how you start getting near your balance.

—What’s one piece of kit you could not live without?
Without a Mat and a pair of good seamless leggings.

—What are your goals for the future?
We are spreading our message, we want to empower the hood to awaken and be true to themselves.

—Who inspires you and why?
It’s a balance between Ido portal, “safe can be the unsafest thing to do”, Saraswathi Jois, “everything has its own time” and Phil Collins, “Always keeping in mind the world is right here in our hands, all we need to do is use it”.

They are all awake and have a strong purpose in life. And Purpose is what powers everything.

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